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Founder and Owner of MedPharm- Mr.Rene H. Ramos

Old office and staff of MedPharm TPA

New Office and Extension

New Office and Extension

New Office and Extension

New Office and Extension

New Office and Extension

Company History

Starting its operations in 2005, the company was founded to solve an urgent costly medical problem in the Pacific. Referring patients to the US has been for years an expensive service in the medical business, consuming a bulk of healthcare funds for only normalized level of care provision. Hopeful to effect significant change from this situation, Mr. Rene Ramos, stepped into the scene and built an extraordinary service company which paved the way for the foreign and domestic patients to experience the Philippines’ world-class hospitals that operate at a remarkably small fraction of the medical expenditures in the US and most other countries, thereby opening the doors of Filipino hospitality culture to the Pacific and significantly changing the medical landscape in the region.

Being the Pioneer

Because it is among the first companies to offer such cost-effective referral programs, MedPharm Philippines grew to be a pioneer in this medical field as very few firms dare and strive in this challenging medical endeavor. The company stands firmly on its passion and core focus on due customer care. It boasts of its expertise in possessing the highest level of flexibility in satisfying diverse customer requirements, catering to any patient—local or foreigner of any age—who needs excellent but affordable medical service. MedPharm takes full care of everything, from coordinating with the partner country before the patients’ arrival up to their safest departure, and working hand-in-hand with accredited hospitals and medical centers in Manila, whose physicians and healthcare personnel held training and experience in medical institutions in US and Europe.

MedPharm as your Partner

MedPharm Philippines’ Medical Referral Program has served patients from several Pacific island nations, including Republic of Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia and Guam. These countries have been in partnership with MedPharm Philippines for years and are continuing to entrust their medical referral patients to Philippine hospitals using the company as their third-party administrator. Also, in expanding further its vision and medical legacy, MedPharm Philippines is currently creating agreements with medical tourism institutions in several countries, its door is open to clients who would like higher level and home-like satisfaction and experience excellent medical assistance wrapped in world-class Filipino hospitality that can be experienced nowhere else.

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