What is Third Party Administration? Who are they?

The Third Party Administration or TPA is a division of MedPharm Phils Inc in-charge with Medical Tourism. They are healthcare professionals consisting of doctors and nurses, supported by licensed and experienced office and transport personnel.

What services are included?

Our Services include Medical Referral and Travel and Tours Services- you can find the specific services on our “Services Section”. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we will be happy to receive your inquiries.

Where am I going to stay?

MedPharm owns several brand-new condominium units that you can stay. We are also partnered with hotels or apartments wherein you can enjoy our Corporate rates. If you decide to make arrangements on your own, we can gladly assist you to coordinate with them.

After my treatment, can you assist me for travel/leisure?

Yes, this is part of our services. You can enjoy the beauty of our country visiting nearby places or travelling other islands through air or sea travel. We just need to ensure that this will be authorized and approved by your attending physician.

Should I bring a companion if I travel to Philippines?

We strongly recommend to bring one companion if you travel to Philippines for medical treatment. But if it’s a minor medical concern, our team is flexible and happy to assist you along the way.

Why Choose MedPharm?

Because we believe that we are your world-class medical referral service company providing cost-effective and efficient assistance to medical patients of all ages across the Pacific Region. We are amongst the first companies to offer such cost-effective referral programs.

How much is the cost of your services?

On top of your Airfare, Accommodation, Logistics, Incidental and Hospital expenses – minimal charges will be applied on our part for our services ensuring that everything is measured cost effectively. We can provide a one-time or long term (1 year) proposal.

Can I pay using credit card?

Currently, MedPharm is not accepting credit card payments. You can pay us cash, local commercial checks or fund transfers. But you can use your credit cards with the hospital, hotel and other establishments.

Can MedPharm assist even I don't have HMO/health Insurance?

Yes. We can assist you with your medical needs and you can avail of the services exclusively offered for MedPharm Clients even if you don’t have HMO.

How long can I stay in Philippines for Medical treatment?

Most foreigners enter the Philippines without any Visa and they get a stamp, called a Visa Waiver, in their passports which is good for a 30 days stay. If someone wants to extend this stay, one would have to go the nearest Immigration Office and get the extension good for another 29 days. We can also assist you for visa extensions.