Confidentiality Notice

  1. Advocate of Patient and Clients Privacy

  • As an advocate of data privacy, we are also concern on the protection, security and confidentiality of your personal data. One of our strong foundation on this filed is our compliancy on the Data Privacy act of 2012, its implementing rules and regulations, National Privacy Commission issuances and other relevant laws.
  1. Your Essential Data.

  • With your authorization, we collect your personal data depending on the page(s) you visit, which may include but not limited to the following;
    1. Name, age, sex, birthday, nationality, citizenship, religion, occupation, current employment, address, email address, telephone/mobile;
    2. The Name of the Health Maintenance Organization;
    3. Previous/Current medical history
    4. The name of any health service provider or medical specialist, where applicable;
    5. Any other information that will be vital for us to provide you the best service you deserve;
  1. Purposes of your Data/ Reasons of your Personal Data Collection (?)

  • We intend to use your personal data on the following;
    1. Completion of your data base for our record;
    2. Filling out forms ahead with our partners to expedite process;
    3. For your bill payment
    4. Liaising medical health provider, where necessary, and upon your consent;
    5. Coordination with other Health Professionals and HMO;
    6. Required by Law
  1. Sharing Your Personal Data

  • We do not share your personal data with third parties unless:
    1. you have an initial authorization shared thereof;
    2. there’s a need to protect our interests
    3. our partners who we have mutual agreement on protecting the privacy of the data requires it;
    4. with your affiliated and consented HMO and/or companies.
  1. Security

  • In advancement of our devotion on keeping your personal data secured, readily applicable measures and safeguards have been placed, specifically suited to protect and to maintain its confidentiality.


  1. Cookie Policy

  • A cookie is a block of data that a web server places on a user’s computer. It is also an instrument use by the website owners on identifying visitors, both new and/or repeated ones and to record visitors browsing activities. Our website uses cookies and the data from cookies are only collected once you consented and agreed to enable them, after such the data collected is use for marketing purposes only.


  1. Rights of Data Subject

Under Data Privacy act of 2012 you have the right

    1. To be informed and gain access and /or reference on your personal data which is either being or have been processed, be it processed electronically or commonly used format;
    2. To disagree on processing;
    3. To apply correction of your wrong entries;
    4. To complain due to obsolete, discrepancies, falsification and unauthorized collection and use of your personal data;
    5. To withdraw, block, removal or destruction of your data on our files and our partners.
    6. Contact Information